Do Gay Parents Degrade the Meaning of Family?: An examination through Fishel's and Ruth's perspectives.

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**An argumentative essay in the point of view of two characters from the book The Color of Water by James McBride**According to a poll conducted by the Pew Center, support for gay adoption has risen from 38% to 46%, whereas opposition has fallen from 57% to 48%. To those with a liberal viewpoint, these statistics would be great news. The poll focused on 1999-2006 and it shows a lot of progressive thinking going on (“Gay Family Values“). More and more gay couples are seeking to adopt and having to fight for their right to do so. Conservative and religious groups continually try to have that right denied to the couples because of their beliefs on how it degrades family values and that it wouldn’t be an appropriate environment for a child to grow up in. Therein lies the problem; right wing conservatives trying to “define” what a family should and shouldn’t be.

To some, a gay couple raising a child is considered to be very normal whereas others may view it as not worthy of being deemed a family. It would be hard to believe that some 14,100 foster children living with gay foster parents are being corrupted (Gandossy). This then poses the question of what makes a family a family and does having gay parents make it any less of a family?People left and right are getting themselves all shpilkes over this abomination of an issue. Hell, it isn’t even an issue, just a plain ol’ abomination. A family is headed by the male father who watches over the wife and children. That’s it. Anything more or less is a disgrace, much less a family in the Lord’s eyes. Families should be treated like contracts, even my so called daughter Ruchel knows it… or rather, should know it.