How do Jewish ceremonies and practices keep the Jewish faith alive?

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Judaism through out history have been a strong religion, they have been going for over 4,000 years and have experienced many difficult times in this period, such as discrimination and prosecution etc...but throughout these difficult times they have kept the Jewish faith alive due to their Jewish ceremonies and practices.

One of these, which has been vital to keeping the faith alive is the weekly practise Shabbat, this is celebrated on Friday sunset until Saturday sunset. Before Shabbat begin the whole house has to be cleaned, all the food has to be prepared, the special cutlery must be taken out and the everyday cutlery must be put away, the children would get involved in this side of things as it would begin to give them a sense of belonging to the Jewish religion as they would be getting involved also before Shabbat begins the lights which the family wish to use must be turned on and the rest switched off, all the preparations must be done beforehand as during the period no work is allowed to be done.

Once the food etc... has been prepared all the family would bath and then get dressed in their Shabbat clothes, once the family is dressed they would welcome Shabbat into their household by the Mother of the Jewish family lighting two candles, just before the sunset on Friday, and then reciting a blessing for her family and loved ones, she beckons her arms and welcomes Shabbat into her home, this is the official moment Shabbat begins, during the period of Shabbat none of Melacheh are to be done as these are the 39 forbidden things which aren't allowed to be performed during Shabbat i.e. baking, tying a knot, slaughtering, writing, building, these are a few examples of the Melacheh, whilst the Mother...