How do men and women communicate?

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How do men and women communicate? Well, for starter, men and women communicate in different ways. Research includes that this difference had created a communications gap between both sexes. For example, women share their emotions, especially when they are feeling sad or lonely, as a way of communicating. On the contrary, men are sometimes insensitive to women's feelings. As a means of communicating, men give objective responses instead of some comfort that women expect of them. A situation such as this often creates conflicts between men and women. To resolve this matter, three solutions are made. The first one is to talk about something that interests both men and women. The second is to establish a common style of communicating, and the third is to talk about the problem itself.

Initially, to talk about something that interests both sexes can help build a bridge in the communication gap.

For instance, a wife comes home from work, she always talks about her girlfriends or other things that bore her husband, and then she complains that her husband is not listening to her. Who is to blame? Likewise, her husband comes home from work; he kisses his wife, says hello, and then talks about football and other sports. Later he complains that his wife is not paying attention to him. In this example, the couple maybe talking to each other, but they are not listening to one another. On the other hand, if the conversation interests both the husband and the wife, then they are more likely to listen to each other and have a more meaningful conversation. Some example to talk about is what kind of food they ate for lunch and might want to offer to take or show them where it is. They both can...