"Do not be deceived by beauty" or "looks are deceiving".

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These quotes have a lot of meaning to beauty. In this world people often judge others by their looks like for example: in most Disney movies ugly characters are made to be evil while the pretty ones are often the good characters. Another example is a documentary that I've watched in the past during the holocaust when a lady was reported to the S.S police because of her odd looks by her next door neighbors. I believe beauty isn't everything; sometimes beauty can overcome a person personality because they are sometimes overwhelmed by their beauty and believe that they are the center of attention.

One example that can describe Narcissus is the Beast from the classic Disney movie "The Beauty and the Beast". When the movie starts with a brief part how the beast turned out to be a beast. The beast was a young handsome prince who lived in a castle by himself along with his servants.

He was overwhelmed by his looks and also was selfish. Then one stormy night there was a knock on the door so he opened the door and there was a hideous looking lady there. She looks up and asked him if she can stay over night but the prince refused to let her stay because of her looks. Because of this the beast was cursed for his entire life as long as he falls in love and be loved in that was the only way the spell can be broken. Sometimes beauty can turn a person to be stubborn and also selfish like the example above. Looks can sometimes payoff at times but often people can put themselves into serious consequences like Narcissus who was punished and was to stay by the water and look at himself in the reflections...