"How to do an oil change in a car", by Enrique Urquia

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It is very important for me to take good care of my vehicle. I consider it a priority.

I always try to make sure that everything is running well. If I hear any unpleasant sound while my car is on or while I am driving, then I check its source right away. One of the most important things for keeping my vehicle running in good condition is changing the oil from the engine. This is extremely necessary. My engine can't function properly if it is not done past 3 to 4 thousand miles.

Equipment I need are 5 quarts of 10w30 motor oil, an oil filter for my model vehicle, a pan that will hold at least 5 quarts of oil to catch the oil in, a 3-ton floor jack, an adjustable wrench, and a funnel.

For safety, an oil change must take place on a flat, hard surface, capable of holding up the floor jack.

The process I use is, I put my vehicle in "park" and shut off the engine if it is running. I place the 3-ton floor jack underneath the car behind the left front tire. There, I will see a flat surface in an area of the car frame to put the lifting surface of the jack on. I line the jack up with this section. Then, I turn the jack handle clockwise until it stops and I begin jacking up the vehicle

I jack up the vehicle until the left front tire is about 1 foot off of the ground. To give me enough room to get under the car. Now I can begin the oil changing process.

I gather my pan, filter, and wrench. Then, I slide underneath the car from the left front side underneath the bumper. When I get underneath the...