How Do Protestants And Roman Catholics View The Eucharist?

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Definitions Eucharist as it is defined by the Oxford Advance Learner¡¦s Dictionary is ¡§the Christian ceremony based on Christ¡¦s last supper; the bread and wine taken at this¡¨ (Oxford Dictionary, 1995). Protestant is defined as ¡§any part of the Christian Church that separated from the Church of Rome in the 16th Century, or of their branches which formed later¡¨ (Oxford Dictionary, 1995).

Roman Catholic however is defined as part ¡§of the Christian Church that acknowledge the Pope as its head¡¨ (Oxford Dictionary, 1995).

History During the period between 64 and 330 CE, Christianity went through several periods of persecution and acceptance by the Roman Empire. Which then followed by the Constantine, the first Roman emperor who saw the image of the cross that directed them to win the unbelievable battle. He believed that was a miracle from God. Eventually, Christianity became a legal religion in Roman but the city had no strong political leader.

Each of the great cities of the Roman Empire had a bishop. The bishop of the Church of Rome was the most important bishop of all and finally was designated pope. Peter was the person whom Jesus had singled out as the rock upon which he would build his church, (Matthew 16:18) had become the first bishop of the Roman Church and had passed on his authority to the bishops who succeeded him. Thus, Roman Church had a strong tradition. Christians had no real bible teaching but everything just based on the medieval papacy. They could pay for a price to buy an indulgence or even pay for a sin committed by the living or by the dead who were in purgatory. This practice had led to manner corruption. In 1517, Martin Luther began the Protestant Reformation with his 95 Theses. He strongly believed that ¡§the...