What do the texts you have studied have to say about the positive and/or negative effects of institutions?

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"Raw", written by Scott Monk is a depiction of the effects of the institution, both positive and negative. Society and all aspects of our lives can be classified as a system or an institution. Institutions impose rules and regulations for which individuals are expected to conform to, usually unwillingly as they don't wish to face the consequences. There always are however, those who choose to rebel. This results in both positive and negative effects that are brought about through the institution. The institution aims to reform the delinquents in order to make them fully functional and productive members of society. We witness the transformation of Brett, the protagonist of the novel, as he experiences all aspects of the effects of the institution, both positive and negative.

We are exposed to an overall positive effect of the institution whilst still sticking to the idea that "life is not perfect". This is shown through Brett's altered attitudes to the world and himself.

He realizes the value of self responsibility and his attitudes to authority figures has also somewhat altered. He is still exposed to negative effects of the institution however as the struggle for power within it brings about a conflict between Brett and another "inmate".

Brett starts off as a very angry character. He adopted the attitude that the world owed him a favor and that nothing was ever his fault. This is evident from the very early stages of the novel as he sabotages his job by spitting in the water. Brett's initial inability to take responsibility for his actions is a key trait that has caused his life to derail up to this point. The positive effects of the institution are made evident in this nature as it gradually opens up this truth to Brett and helps him see...