Do they get their own dreams ?

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What are dreams and why are they so important? I believe that dreams give people a hope and reason to live. No one can live with out it and their lives have no meaning and everything in the world seems pointless. No matter what who they are, where they live, people must build in their mind a target to reach, to satisfy. Those are what the purposes of Lorraine Hansberry when she wrote A Raisin in The Sun , a play which shows a dream of an African-American mother with the hope of finding a better life for her children and for herself. A Raisin in The Sun is not only a play just to be operated in theatre but also a life where people conflict with each others to deal with their dream.

Lena Younger or Mama is the head of the Younger family and just like her husband has a dream that her children and her descendants would have something of their own and be somebody in the world.

She shows that she wants her children to be happy when she gives sixty-five hundred dollars to her son and her daughter from ten thousand dollars that was left to her by her late husband. But she also has her own dream, a house with a garden:" I had' bout buying that house and fixing it up and making me a little garden in the back."(page 375) Lena's first dream however, does not really turn out the way she planned. When Walter Lee loses the money that she gives him, her dream is completely shattered and for a time, she must have felt awful, but she does not feels bad or sad and somehow she still manages to cope...