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NAME PROFESOR English 1A 23 February 2002 How To Avoid High Priced Automotive Tune-Ups! If you are a car owner who takes your automobile to the local garage for a tune-up you are needlessly spending too much money. The average car will need seven full engine tune-ups through out its 200,000 mile life. The cost of a full engine tune-up will very depending on the car, location, and engine type. The average cost of a full engine tune-up in the Santa Clara County is about $250.00. Throughout the life of your car that is almost $2,000.00 wasted on a task that can easily be done by the owner. A cars health is often poor before the owner will realize that the car is past due for a tune-up. When a car is consistently used with out proper maintenance it will often lead to expensive and unnecessary repairs. Automobile owners will save money and the hassle of costly repairs by servicing a tune-up on their own cars regularly.

Cars manufactured after 1980 only need tune-ups every 30,000 miles. If your car was built before 1980 you may want to tune up your car every 15,000 miles, and your tune-up will be more complicated than the tune-ups done on modern cars. This is usually a good regiment to keep your car in proper working condition. A tune-up consists of a few different tasks. Some garages will do the following for a tune-up: 1. Replace Oil & Oil Filter 2. Replace Air Filter 3. Rotate Tires 4. Check Tire Pressure 5. Check Brakes 6. Check Fluids & Belts Car owners beware of the difference between an expanded oil change and a tune-up, the ?tune-up? described above is not what it seems. Tune-ups that are similar to the one described will not be expensive,