Do violent video games affect kids?

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Do violent video games affect kids, ages 14-18?

Violent video games have been around since 1976 when Death Race 2000 came out. In 1979 a game went out called Texas Chainsaw Massacre, in which the object of the game was to chop up as many people with a chainsaw as you could. Parents boycotted toy stores that sold this game. Since then, games have become ever more violent and realistic. I think it is the reality and the interactivity of the game which seems to have the greatest impact on teenagers. When you see someone killed on television, you know it is real and you are just watching it, but when you are trying to kill someone on purpose, your heart is pumping and your brain is going crazy. Many parents think that when their son is playing a violent computer game it gives their son more knowledge about technology, but they never really look at the game play.

Recently there have been many school shootings and teenage violence. Many of the incidences have been linked to violent video games such as Doom.

Violent video games have caught the attention of many people, not just teenagers. Many studies have been conducted in which the results show that children do become more aggressive after a long time playing violent video games. Other effects that have been seen are irritability and hostile thoughts. Some people decided to do something about this. They convinced the Senate to develop a rating system to prevent children from getting their hands on violent video games. The system did not stop anybody, though. Every kid I know plays violent video games. I, myself, play games such as Doom, Quake, Grand Theft Auto, Unreal Tournament, Mortal Kombat, and many others. Yet I do not think I am affected...