What do we mean by 'Radicalism', in feminism?

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Radicalism basically means an effort towards significant change in conformist culture and political thought; more often than not it is instigated by popular remonstrations and demonstrations against the establishment. Radicalism may refer to: Extremism, in politics belonging to either the radical left, far left or far right, and the transformation from to activist or more radical, revolutionary, violent outlook. Often the term "radical" is distinctivley used in regards to refering to the far-left movements, If we look back at the 1960’s we can see a perfect picture of radicalism in practise. Groups such as the black panters, the femenist movment and anti-vietnam war actvitists, were all considered radcial movements. Further investigation of some of their actions, methods and ideologies will give a broder perspective, and will shed light on what we mean by radicalism .

The turbulent decade of the 1960’s drove a wedge between the mainstream generation and the soon to be radical generation.

This tumultuous decade marginalised families. In the face of the overwhelming oppression of African American people, an undercurrent of racial inequality and political unrest around the world, which ultimately gave rise to a progeny of radical exponents. These movements were diverse groups with self-serving political and ideology agenda’s including ethnic groups which perceived radicalism as a means to an end, gaining more publicity and exposure for their cause. They used methods such as protesting, demonstrations or even at times militant activities to express their discontent with the establishment. These movements gave birth to what we now refer to as ‘social activism’, whereby normal everyday citizens generally not prone to militant or anarchist activities turned to activism through the above-mentioned methods. It was truly an era where the people’s voices were going to be heard and if there was no platform for the voice of the...