Do We Need Literacy?

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When I think of the word illiterate, I think of adults who can?t read to their children, interpret street signs, or write their name. However my thoughts of literacy have changed over the past years. Today's technology rich world demands citizens to be able to read and write, and also recognize the differences between a weight loss program and a moneymaking infomercial. They need to be able to make informed choices about political candidates with different perspectives on world policies.

Literacy is not format specific; it's about the evaluation and application of information represented in a book, video, or email message. Literacy is more than knowledge and skill; it's also the future toward lifelong learning and awareness. What does literacy mean to you? Is literacy a skill everyone should achieve? What are the consequences of illiteracy? Literacy starts out with children, their parents must educate them and teach them the importance of it.

?Literacy is at the heart of a nation?s future, and the family is at the heart of literacy. The home is a child?s first school, a parent is a child?s first teacher, and language is a child?s first subject.? (Unknown)That quote to me tells how important it is for a parent to read to a child. It is the first step to literacy. A lot of people who can?t read or write are those who have come from unsupportive families and had no help with reading or writing. It is very sad to actually sit here and think that children out there are being told no by there parents that they cant be read to. If there are parents that don?t want to read to their children, help them find someone who is willing to help, they will thank you later.

Literacy is something every human...