Do we need tougher gun control laws?

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Do We Need Tougher Gun Control Laws?

By Nathan Pabon

The age old debate of whether we should have stricter gun control laws has been occurring for much of the country's age. Usually a debate between those who identify themselves as Republicans or Democrats. There are, of course, pros and cons of having stricter gun control laws. My view on the matter, is that the cons outweigh the pros making it seem not worth the effort of making stricter laws for firearms.

Stricter gun control laws actually keep people less safe. What our superiors seem to not understand is that criminals do not follow the law. If there were to be a national ban on firearms then it would leave law abiding citizens defenseless against criminals that possess firearms. Most mass shootings occur in gun-free zones in which of course the criminal would commit the crime in knowing that those in the area are defenseless.

A recent example of this was the Connecticut school shooting. Connecticut is known to have the 5th toughest gun laws in the country; yet that hasn't stopped a person armed with an M4 Carbine and a Glock from committing the second most deadly one man mass shooting in U.S. history. Adam Peter Lanza was the one who committed the crime and albeit being a gun-free zone it was mostly likely the reason why he has done the mass shooting there.

Another incident would be the 2012 Aurora shooting which has occurred in the Century 16 multiplex operated by Cinemark. The perpetrator, James Eagan Holmes allegedly killed 12 people while injuring about 50 others during the shooting. He could have done this to theater nearby his home but did not due to the one's in his area permitting firearms. The one he went to in particular...