What do we own the animals and how and why do we owe it to them? Kant, Singer

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What do we own the animals and how and why do we owe it to them?

According to Kant we do not owe animals anything as he puts it "Animals... are there

merely as a means to an end. That end is man."(emp130) I think the way he sees it is

that animals do not have the capacity to understand, to make reason. When a dog is

taught something like not to urinate in the house, they understand that doing this will get

them in trouble, but do they really don't understand why doing this is wrong. This relates

to his statement that "Mere animals, who lack reason, are not responsible for their

actions"(emp138). To him animals are here for our ends, to owe them nothing.

According to Peter Singer we owe animals the same respect as humans. He believes that

there are always differences between species to include men and women.

We are all

different, men do not worry about the right to have an abortion. So animals even though

they are different still deserve the same respect, just in a different view. There is also

the issue of suffering of animals. Some think that making animals suffer to provide our

satisfaction is not morally correct. Using an animal for expieriments is wrong. We would

not expieriment on humans so why should we on animals.

Peter Singer uses the analogy of how we uprise in liberation to change

the way we see and treat other human beings, then goes on to compare

"The Rights of Animals" to women's rights. He asks why animals should

not have the same rights as women, as well as every human being. Why was

the women's right movement accepted, but the animal rights not. The

opposition might reply that nonhumans do not have...