Do we really need PowerPoint?

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The appearance of invention can be divided to three types. One brakes off the conventional inconvenience. Another one makes something conventionally impossible to be possible, and the other one makes it even worse. However, it takes time for us to realize that the last type of inventions is actually making it worse. recently, we have had many IT tools since windows 95® has been sold out. Actually it's been only 10 years since many people started using personal computer. It's high time for us to realize that those inventions are not always good.

People seem to like to make one-vs.-plural communication, such as lectures and interview; in the lecture, one person who may be a professor speaks to many students, and in interview, usually more than two interviewers ask to one interviewee. Especially, in our society we frequently see that one-vs.-plural communication; for example, from our childhood through the graduation of university, we have taken "classes": one teacher speaks to students.

Even after graduation, we still have one-vs.-plural communication, such as lectures, discourse, and presentation.

Recently, for those presentations, the presentation software has been popularized, such as Microsoft PowerPoint®. It is often used for the business presentations, or for the academic announcement presentations. As a result, using PowerPoint in a presentation has been strongly responsible to us. In other words, it seems as if we had to use PowerPoint when we have presentations.

I really don't think using PowerPoint® is always good way in the presentation because those presentations often are self-satisfactions and sometimes are just boring. Occasionally, presenter are not watching audience but are seeing his/her slide while he/she is having a presentation, and just read what is on the slide. However, only few people are critic to those presentations because the slides and OHPs made by...