Do you believe adequate health care is a fundamental human right?

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As the twenty-first century emerges, advanced cures and treatments unprecedentedly springing into medical clinics and homes. If it were not the case that the costs inherent with these satisfactory remedies make them inaccessible to common people who could benefit from them, no one would argue the deficiency in these advancements. It is definite that health care is a fundamental human right because, if people are created equally, why should certain people have to be treated differently on the medical bases? Every individual, from developed or developing countries,

ought to be covered by the worldwide benefits of medical treatment; this is a primary catalyst to strengthening human health.

America has a highly developed health care system, which seems to be available to all people. Nevertheless, it is very frustrating that it still takes time to proceed to the level of meeting the needs of each person from all walks of life through the current administration of health care organizations.

Previously, health care facilities and health workers were placed and sent close to where the sick and fortunate were hospitalized, either at home or in private clinics. However, this is not enough. For instance, my grandmother is suffering from diabetes and apoplexy. Even though she is a U.S. citizen, there is never timely help offered by her health care system in U.S. because of both the lengthy process taken by the insurance company and lack of information about numerous requirements for accessing medical treatment. My grandmother's illness was postponed for a while before being treated. Thus, presently, the goal is to have a continuum and prevalence of care for the patient integrated on all levels. It is time to consider a national health-care system in order to ensure that everyone, not just the wealthy, can enjoy good health.

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