Do You Believe That People Must Be Competitive In Order To Succeed?

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In order to succeed in life, one does not always have to be extremely competitive but can show some traits of competitiveness in some aspects in their life. When a person is overly competitive, they always seem to put their priorities in front of everything in their lives. If they do not succeed at every task they encounter, then they feel as though they have failed in life. There are also people, who are not overly competitive, who succeed in their lives just because they know how to handle difficult situations and use little competitiveness. There have been times in my own life where competitiveness was the only option in order to succeed. There are also many examples of extreme competitiveness in sports such as basketball and football. Also there was a man who believed that only the strong survive. But this statement is not always accurate.

Throughout my life, I have been faced with many conflicts and or confrontations in which extreme competitiveness was the only option in order to succeed.

One example of this would have to be the championship game for my high school.

Throughout the entirety of the game, the opposing team had been ahead by ten points or more in every quarter of the game. Until half-time, our time was certain that were going to be defeated. But with a little hope and a very inspiring speech by the coach, out team had come back to win the state title at a final score of ninety to eighty-five. This victory could not have been possible if the team did not increase the intensity therefore increasing the competitiveness. But my experiences were not the only events in which extreme competitiveness was expressed.

During the professional seasons of basketball and football, there are times where...