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Do You Want Me Back

If You Forget Me by Pablo Neruda is a love poem the author dedicated to his homeland Chile during his exile because of his ties with the Chilean Communist Party. Although, it may seem like a love poem to his lover, if you look closely into his life you can start to see why this poem is based on his native country. This poem discusses the authors love for his country and the consequences that will come if the feeling is not mutual. Pablo Neruda built the theme of devotion for a country and how far one will go through metaphors, symbolism and unusual poem structure.

At first glance, one might assume that this poem is about a love between a man and his lover. However, when you look into the authors past you start to see that there is a connection between the author and his home country Chile.

"If You Forget Me" was written during the time of political tension between the communist and socialistic party in Chile. Pablo Neruda was part of the Chilean Communist Party which later forced him to hide due to his relations with the party. He was exiled and this poem was written in order to cope with the separation between himself and his country.

The author uses many metaphors as a way to fully express his emotions on how he's feeling during his time of unrest. Pablo Neruda's intense metaphors are his way to tell his country that if they don't love him back then he will never come back. In the poem it says," near the fire/ the impalpable ash/ or the wrinkled body of the log,/ everything carries me to you/ as if everything that exists,/ aromas, light, metals,/ were little boats/ that...