How Do You Feel About Hitting Your Kids?

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Hamm 1

Jeffrey Shane Hamm

English Composition 101-270/Professor Jody Sterling

November 27th, 2013

Final Draft of Essay Four/Argument (Persuasive) Essay on Corporal Punishment

How Do You Feel About Hitting Your Kids?

Back when I was child, it was seen as normal and appropriate to spank your children as a means of punishment or correction of bad behavior. These days it's seen a bit differently. Society, along with many child development experts, no longer feel that corporal punishment is the best way to go about correcting and controlling your children's behavior. Research shows that corporal punishment has many negative impacts on children in a variety of ways. Because of this, and my own moral reasons, I feel that corporal punishment is not the appropriate way for parents to discipline their children. If people were aware of the facts and the impact corporal punishment has on kids, I strongly believe they would agree.

Growing up, both my parents would spank me and occasionally hit me with the belt. This seemed quite normal to me and gave me the impression that all kids received this sort of punishment from their parents. As the years went on I learned from friends and other sources that some parents did not hit their kids. This new information gave me a whole new perspective on things. I didn't understand why I would receive a spanking for bad behavior, but other kids would not. To me it seemed unfair and I later learned that it was. During my years in junior high

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school I learned that it was actually frowned upon to physically punish your children. If this was the case then why did my parents feel it was the appropriate way to punish me? Perhaps it was because my grandparents had physically punished...