Do You Have a Fire Escape Plan

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Do You Have a FireEscape Plan?

Did you ever stop to think of what you'd do if your house caught on fire? By setting up a plan now, you may be able to escape without harm.

Every family should have an escape plan and practice it a couple times a year. You should also have a place outside your home where everyone should meet. This could be a mailbox in the yard or a light pole near the street.

Here are some important things to remember to do when a fire starts. Leave the building quickly. Close every door you pass through. This keeps the fire from spreading quickly. If you come to a closed door that feels hot, don't open the door. The fire may be burning just inside the next room. If there's smoke inside the next room, crawl through the smoky part on your hands and knees.

The best air will be close to the floor. If you live in an apartment building, use the fire escape or stairs to reach the outside.

If your clothing is on fire, roll on the ground until the flames are smothered. If another person's clothes are on fire, then roll them in a blanket or rug to put out the fire.

As soon as family members reach the meeting place and are out of danger, then call the fire department. Make sure everyone understands that they should never go back into the building.

Remember, knowing and practicing a fire escape plan will save lives.