Do you pity or dislike TJ?

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I'm not sure if I pity or dislike TJ. Throughout the book he makes a number of decisions which lead him into trouble or cause him problems. There are a few attributes to his personality which I think most people would dislike, but as you read through the book you can see that he is vulnerable and actually doesn't mean to cause so many problems.

The first time in the book that TJ is introduced gives off a bad impression of him. He tells the Logan children how he managed to get his brother Claude into trouble for something that he had done. He had been going up to the Wallace's store for the dancing although he knew he wasn't supposed to. When Mrs Avery found out TJ said, " Ole Claude was always sneaking up there." The Logan children are not impressed by his story and I think that this makes people who are reading the book to start disliking him.

TJ is an attention seeker, he enjoys listening to all of the gossip and stories that people tell his mother and he also likes to tell them. When TJ is round at the Logan's he finds them all in a mood. He tries to get their attention by asking them to go up to the Wallace store, the Logan's all say no. TJ then goes on to talk about the burnings that happened the night before. As soon as the burnings were mentioned TJ gained almost all of the Logan children's attention, all but Stacey who knew how TJ thought. Stacey played TJ slyly paying him little attention and instructing his siblings to do the same, eventually TJ just came out with the whole story quickly.

In one part of the book I dislike TJ a lot, this...