What do you think about the goal of the IMF's aid to distressed countries?

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What do you think about the goal of the IMF’s aid to distressed countries?The general idea of the IMF to aid financially distressed countries can be viewed as a good thing by some and bad thing by others. My honest opinion is that the IMF has aided many countries with their three types of assistance which is surveillance, lends and technical assistance (Taylor, 2007). The surveillance portion of IMF is the part where research is done on how the assistance will actually help or hurt the country within question that needs financial support. The IMF lends funds to countries that are unable to locate reasonable financing that can meet an understandable set of international payments. The final type of assistance the IMF offers is technical assistance in such areas as: "macroeconomic policy, tax policy and revenue administration, expenditure management, monetary policy, the exchange rate system, financial sector sustainability, and macroeconomic and financial statistics (IMF, n.d.).”These

types of assistance lead to an overwhelming supportive action by many countries. I believe the overall goal of the IMF is not solicit the idea of socialization but to help facilitate countries in need by giving them knowledge and financial support in order to better provide for their own economy. I am in favor of the IMF and its ultimate goals as long as the countries are willing to help themselves in the end and not just take the partial loan and not learn how to better the current state of emergency they are experiencing.

What has been the controversy surrounding the IMF austerity programs?The main controversy surrounding the IMF austerity program is that it in not geared towards each borrower’s situation as it is a generalized way of lending a hand without targeting the prime issue for that country. This program...