What do you think makes a perfect home?

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A sweet home needs a good society. A house is made of mud and bricks but home is made of love. In some places houses are made for the people but somewhere people are made for the houses. In a hotel people don't know who's living next to the door but in home people know their neighbours. A welcoming home is a perfect home. A home is made of love, sorrow, laughter, excitement, hope, care, atmosphere and feelings of everyone. People are entertained. A home which elmanate feelings of warmth and affections is perfect home. In homes we laugh, in homes we cry, and born in homes and in homes we die. A home reflects our personality . When a guest enters in the house he comes to know what sort of person you're by just looking at the way you've decorated your house.

A home is a place where the diseased world dies on.

The doors are made with steps of patience and hospitality. My doors are not made by wood but they're made by the sweet smile which always welcome others. A home is a blessing in disguise and it's the hope for tomorrow. It's a preparing ground for the future. A home is a mother's heaven, her kingdom. It's a desire of every girl. When a child is born in a house, he/she is crying and everyone around him/her laughing but when the same child dies, he/she is laughing but everyone around him/her is crying.

Our country is also our home, so it's our duty that we always keep it clean. A house needs discipline and everyone follows that. People in a home gather on special occasions and enjoy themselves, they tell their secrets to each other, they enjoy their great events by recalling them.