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I think that nuclear weapons should not be kept in our society. I think this because if one get set off accidentally then the whole of the society will blow up. Also if a foreign country bombs us it might not hurt us but if they hit where the nuclear bombs are we will all die.

I think that nuclear weapons are too dangerous and powerful for this world, especially to be kept in our society. One single nuclear bomb could destroy a whole city or perhaps a little country, they are stupid they will just terminate millions of innocent lives when they could just reach an agreement, anything is better than killing millions of people and destroying a lot of land. If one country drops a nuclear bomb on another country most likely the other country will retaliate and drop a nuclear bomb on the other country, this will go on till everyone is dead but then most likely not because those countries allies will get involved and most likely join in with the dropping of these bombs; so this is even more innocent lives terminated by a bomb.

This bomb won't kill everyone straight away it will to the people that the bomb is landed on, the people who get the fire blast but then there is the nuclear part where it kills people gradually. Even if people they will most likely lose people in their family and probably won't have enough food.

You cannot justify killing millions of people with one bomb, especially all the little children who will never be able to live their life away it will just be thrown away by angry politicians or world leaders, who will be in nuclear bunkers so it doesn't harm them; not everyone has a nuclear bunker in their garden and even if they did they would run out of food so the people who started the nuclear war will most likely not die as they will have their nuclear bunker.

Even if one bomb is dropped the whole of the country will be in dismay it would take billions of pounds just to repair the damage caused and the compensation of losing a relative so what will everyone want to do………… bomb the people who bombed them.

But in some cases they might have a reason for bombing, like if your country was under attack you could bomb their country or if you were bombed first or other reasons like them killing your prime minister or if they haven't paid you what they owe you on the deadline and they refuse to give any money you would have a reason.

I don't know how they can start a nuclear war when they are going to end up with a whole lot of dead people on their conscience. If they win the nuclear war it would be satisfying, but really would it be worth it?