Do You Think That Romeo And Juliet Acted Maturely Or Immaturely?

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Do you think that Romeo and Juliet acted maturely or immaturely? Romeo and Juliet were a "pair of star-crossed lovers"� which stated that it was love at first sight and they knew they were going to be together. Juliet was only fourteen at the time and a girl at such a young age doesn't know much about love. Romeo has been experienced because he wanted to marry Rosaline. Even though Romeo was experienced and older, didn't make this pair a mature couple.

When Romeo first saw Juliet, he was fascinated with how she reminded him of a rich jewel, and many other light images. He loved Juliet, and Juliet loved him back. The relationship started too fast and wasn't thought out. The first day they met, they decided to get married. They didn't know eachother well, they just knew that they were going to spend the rest of their lives together.

Once they both found out they were on opposite sides of a massive quarrel between the Capulets and the Montagues, they didn't even change their minds. That was immature of both of them because knowing a person for one day can't make them more valuable than your own family. It was good that they didn't let a last name interrupt their love, but not in that little amount of time.

When Romeo was punished for killing Tybalt, and was sent to Mantua. Juliet was very unhappy and wanted to be with him so the Friar had a plan to let the couple be together. Since the potion gave the wrong idea to Romeo, he ended up killing himself which left Juliet alone when she woke up. Awakening, she saw Romeo dead and couldn't live on. She stabbed herself with a sword. In this day and age, this was an immature action. No one should take their life over someone else's. Though Juliet didn't want to marry Paris, Romeo and Juliet should have thought about their actions before doing them so quickly. This was a beautiful love story between an immature couple, but an unhappy ending.