What do you want most in a friend?

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I think that all of these characteristics are important. However, I would prefer a friend that is reliable. To have trust in someone is the most important feature of a good friendship. Moreover, every person needs a friend who can help him in a difficult situation and whom he can talk to.

Only when I think one is reliable, I can ask him to do me a favor. That is an essential characteristic of a good comradeship. The best friends are these who are ready to help me when I am in need no matter the situation. These people I call true friends. For example, when I broke my arm on a bike trip in the mountains, my friends did everything they could to help and to make me feel comfortable. That thing I will never forget. From that day on, I know I can trust these people, and I made them understand that they can trust me either.

That accident strengthened our friendship.

A friend is someone I can talk to, share my experiences and get advice. These characteristics are common to a reliable person. I feel that when I am talking to such a person, everything that will be said, will remain between us. In addition, I am sure that he will not lie to me and will give me advice that will help me. A reliable friend often turns into a confidant. Since every person needs someone to share his most personal experiences, I think that a reliable friend is the best thing one can have.

One of the most valuable things in human's life are friends. There are a lot of types of friends: intelligent, humorous, etc., but I think that a reliable comrade is the most precious among all others, because...