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(a) Dobbie Garden Centre Plc was founded in 1865 by James Dobbies because of his passion on plants. In 1866, Renfrew became headquarter and transferred the business to Rothesay in 1875 in order to expand. In 1887, William Cuthbertson and Robert Fife took charge of the company, and a new award-winning strain was started by Fife. Another land was bought to grow seeds in 1894 and the land was transferred to Marks Tey ten years later. By 1922, the three sons of Robert Fife shared the ownership of Dobbies and it succeeded from International Prize leeks and Gold Medal sweet peas. In 1934, Dobbies moved to Melville, and developed internationally. In 1969, a distinguished horticultural business was made by Waterers. After Waterers is David Barnes, who operated five major garden centers. In 1997, Dobbies moved to England and in 1999, Dobbies' first new style destination centre was opened.

With the 141 year development, Dobbies has become one of the leading Garden Centre Groups in the United Kingdom.

The main activity of Dobbies is horticulture. They want to be the number one choice for plants, gardening.

(b) AIM is a market for small, young and growing companies. The market provides an opportunity for companies to raise capital for expansion, a trading facility and a way of establishing a market value for their shares. Dobbies Garden Centre Plc is listed on AIM, and this gives Dobbies a good chance to increase its power, and for tax purpose, Dobbies AIM shareholders could get 5% taper relief on any gains they make every year. They paid even less tax rate to 10% if they hold shares for more than 4 years.

(c) The strategy of Dobbies is 'to establish Dobbies as a leading homes and gardens retailer in the UK'. Dobbies wants...