Doctor Online Juridical and ethical challenges, when operating on the internet

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1.0 Introduction

Information- and Communication Technology have through the last years gained a more important role in the treatment of people, both physical and psychical. I will putt most emphasis on psychological services

This case study will give an introduction of Doctor Online and its service, and who is regulating them. I have also chosen to focus on were most of the challenges will lie, both in terms of legal and ethical issues.

Due to the increased information accessibility, there has been a change in the perspectives among the patient, and how they search up a psychologist or a psychologist service. The clients are more then before seeking for information about, symptoms, ways of treatment and the effect of these treatments. I will therefore in the end of this case study given a glint on have health services on internet is changing the traditionally psychologist role, and new changes we can expect to see in the future.

1.1 Vision

"We shall through contact and knowledge contribute to give human beings security and ability to master their own lives"

2.0 What is Doctor Online?

2.1 The largest online doctor in Norway

Doctor Online was established in 1996. In the spring of 1997 the service was beginning to take place. Dialog groups, were both users and doctors simultaneous could communicated, was beginning to take form. At the same time, more doctors and specialists was being connected to the service. From being a service with limited means and resources, Doctor Online has grown to be the biggest of its kind.

They have 40 Norwegian doctors and specialist in their group, and Over 130.000 users are visiting the service all together 250.000 times every month. In this period they read over 10 million pages on Doctor Online's home site, all from headache to psychic...