The Doctrine of the Trinity

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The Doctrine of the Trinity: Opponents Past and Present Thesis Statement Though the Bible refers to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and their relation, it does not state any firm doctrine concerning the Trinity. For this reason debates throughout history have questioned the extent to which this concept applies to Christianity. While early forms of the debate were important because they discussed matters of salvation, other topics may only appear to involve theological debates or abstract doctrinal discussions that seem to operate for the sole purpose of splitting hairs. While the former was of more importance in regards to forming a foundation of faith, both are important because it is necessary to form an accurate interpretation of scripture. Although there have been several viewpoints concerning the concept of the Trinity both past and present, the conservative approach to the doctrine of the Trinity represents the best and most biblically adherent version as the union of three divine persons in one divinity.

Introduction It is important and paramount for every Christian to know the facts of Scripture as Jesus Christ states in John 14:23 saying all that know and keep His words love God. In addition, God has given humans special revelation that is equally important for knowing God. It is therefore, important to study what the Bible reveals about the concept of the Trinity to gain the highest understanding of the God of the universe. By analyzing scriptures that point to a Trinitarian union, humans can have insight into the personality and relationship that God possesses. In this way God reveals how He relates to the finite and thus how humans are to co-relate to God and with all humanity alike. As a result, fellowship, prayer, Bible study, worship, and most importantly salvation in its purest form can be...