How does the advert "In The Nick of Time" sell its product to a specific target audience?

Essay by shafiqB, April 2003

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How does the advert "In The Nick of Time" sell its product to a specific target audience?

I am going to write about the car advertisement entitled " In The Nick of Time" and explain how it sells its product to a specific target audience.

The storyline of this advertisement is reasonably simple. A man receives an urgent phone call. He rushes off to get his son and they drive off in their gleaming Audi through the night. When they arrive they enter a large building and run down a corridor to a bright room. Finally, the mystery is solved. The man has come see his new born baby.

The setting of the advert is mostly in the city at night, but there are also some country scenes.

The appearance of the young son helps us understand that the car is aimed at families. There are lots of different landscapes and driving conditions which stress safety aspects of the car for example, the car stops at a high speed in the deserted city in heavy rain, showing good traction and superb handling in a wet and darkened condition.

This is meant to appeal to adults with families.

The advertisement also talks about the environmental aspects of the car, it tells us the car "removes 95% of toxic pollutants". An adult would take this into consideration because this is good for their children who might suffer from asthma.

Another aspect that makes me think that the car is designed for families is the space in the car. The car is quite big and is ideal for families and housewives to take children to school and for putting their family shopping in.

Finally, the picture of the baby provides a strong and forceful ending to the advertisement emphasising that the...