How does Alan Bennett use dramatic techniques to manipulate your feelings towards Doris in 'A Cream Cracker Under the Settee' ?

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A cream cracker under the settee is a monologue play. This means that there is one person speaking all the way through. The difficulties of having a play in monologue form is that it can become very dull and boring. Bennett uses a variety of techniques to stop the audience becoming bored and to keep them interested. He also trys to make the audience sympathise and empathise with the character.

Alan Bennett was born and raised in leeds. He had a very close relationship with his mother and lived with her until she passed away. As well as writing the play he directed it and he was also an actor.

A cream cracker under the settee is a play about an old lady named Doris. She is a lonely woman of 75 who has fallen while disting. She talks about her memories and emotions during the play. she also recalls some conversations she hashad with zulema her house-cleaner and wilfred her late husband.

Bennett uses many techniques to manipulate our feelings towards Doris and to make her seem more realistic so the audience is kept interested.

One way he does this is he makes Doris stereotypical. This makes the audience feel as if they know the character already so she seems more familiar. Bennett does this by describing her at the beginning of the play so before she even speaks we know she is a typical old woman. She fits into the stereotype of an old women because she is very houseproud and is always reflecting on memories of the past and critising young people. She's also qwite nosy which fits into the stereotype too. " Folks opposite, I dont know them, used to be the marsdens". This shoes how she is aware of her neighbourhood and surroundings as old...