Does Arresting Spousal Batterers Do More Harm Than Good

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Does Arresting Spousal Batterers Do More Harm Than Good?The idea of spousal abuse makes me ill. I don’t understand how a man can beat or hit a woman, for any reason. I could never imagine myself physically hitting a female. I feel that men who hit woman are pretty much cowards. That being said the two articles were interesting. But I didn’t really agree with Schmidt and Sherman. They try to prove facts from different cities that did studies on repeat spousal offenders. The studies did not specifically show that arresting batterers did more harm than good. Schmidt and Sherman finds showed that there were more blacks suspects found in the “backfiring” cities. Backfiring cities according to Schmidt and Sherman are cities which when arrest were made the spousal abuse did increase. One thing that Schmidt and Sherman showed was when there was an arrest made and the batterer was unemployed it increased the violence in the house.

I could recognize how this could happen. Most of Schmidt and Sherman ideas and conclusions were opinion associated by some fact. There was consensus done in some cities but in my opinion there was not a diverse area that was tested.

As for Evan Stark he argues the no argument due to the fact that in some of his supporting facts from Lincoln, Nebraska there was a implemented mandatory arrest law that was added. The law reduced spousal abuse from 83 percent to 53 percent. Stark argues that there is much that is gained form mandating a mandatory arrest on batterers. Another reason he argues is there is immediate protection from the victim. If the Accused is not there the victim can’t get hurt. I would agree with this statement. When I work for the police department I went to many is abuse calls I would see the abuser crying or apologizing for what he or she had done, but no matter what they were going to jail. Another that that I have learned from being in the field and it is also pointed out in the book is once the arrest has been made there was some type of intervention that was set up such as a counselor or shelter that the victim could go to or speak to. Stark points out that the reason domestic violence hasn’t gone down more Is because the prosecution and sentencing has not changed if so very little. In my opinion there should be some stiffer punishments enforce on repeat offenders. According to the problem with spousal abuse is they are never reported. According to to “92% of women who were physically abused by their partners did not discuss these incidents with their physicians; 57% did not discuss the incidents with anyone”. I believe this is probably the second biggest problem with domestic violence. If they are not reported there can’t be penalties put in place. And the penalty that are reported need to have a lot stiffer penalties enforced; no I don’t believe arresting batterers do more harm than good.