What does Capitol Punishment mean to me?

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Captitol Punishement means if you do a really bad crime you can be put to death for it. The Ten Commandments say "Thou shalt not kill." I believe in that. Grown ups might say if you kill someone you should be put to death. What about all taxpayers? Would it be cheaper putting them to death or letting them live the rest of their lives in jail? You would have to pay for medical care, electricity, food, guards and anything they might need to stay clean. Some of them can get their degrees so the tax payer would also be paying for that. That is a lot of money. If you give them the death penality all you would be paying for is the doctor, to make sure they are dead and the coffin and grave. I would think that would be a lot cheaper than letting them live.

Maybe you can give them the death penality and let them know that their organs would go to save people. They kill someone, we kill them and let their organs save other peoples lives. Do I believe in Capitol Punishment? I don't really know. Kids think that if it doesn't happen to someone that is close to them that it doesn't matter. They are in their own world. I guess a good example would be when the sniper was killing all of those people. Everyone had to stay inside because they were scared. I saw it on television but it didn't really hit close to home until they shot the little boy in middle school. At first I thought it was a friend of mine and I was really scared and very mad. Then they announced on television that it was a boy. I said that they need...