Does the continued development of Human Resource Management mean the end for trade unions?

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In this topic, we are going to examine the changes that the continuing development of human resource management has brought about in the organisation with the emergence of trade unions in comparison to the effect from industrial relations. The unitarist approach of the human resource management and the pluralist approach by the industrial relations will be highlighted in our study in the survival of trade unions in the organisation.

HRM refers to the policies and practices one needs to carry with the direct relationship of people-to-people in accordance with the strategic issues affecting the organization in order to fulfill the management position in the organization including recruiting, screening, training, rewarding, and appraising. HRM is important for all managers in such that that they do not hire the wrong person for the job. (Raymond, J. Stone, pg ? ) Industrial relations is about the behavior and interaction of people at work.

It is concerned with how individuals, group organizations and institutions make decision that shape the employment relationship between employers and employees. Industrial relations may be approached from a number of perspectives. Industrial relations draws on a number of established academic disciplines such as economics, sociology, psychology, law, political science and history. ( Plowman, D. pg 8)

The origins and development of Trade unions tends to rest on the assumptions about workers and their motivations, the nature of the economic and political systems, and the essential function and behavior of the labor movement itself. (Deery, J. S, pg 215) Trade unions is an organisation made up of employees that acts collectively to protect and promote their interests. (Robbins, S.P et al, pg 674). The union is seen as a third party. It enters the workplace to increase membership or solve problems. The union tells members how they can solve their...