Does culture really matter

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Does culture really matter?

What I did?

I was assigned to design and conduct a survey for pupils at local girls school since I did have a deadline I only collect data from a small range of year 10 pupils in an ICT class.

Why I did this report?

I have been a social research for 5 years I was assigned to this report concerning culture by my manger, since there is a decrease in cultural interest. Want to find a group of young people that have views and feelings on culture. Do we really need culture in this modern age?

Since soon this age group will be making important choices.

What I found out?

As I was preparing the questions and asking people what they thought the question. Most of the pupils could not understand the language used in the survey so I have simplify it to make it clear.

I also found that no question can be clear it people keeps asking what the questions means. I needed to simplify question for pupils. I was unbiased because everyone wanted to do the survey was included.

Most people included themselves in they cultural but some put there self's in other I thought this was interesting because they have mixed origin of a group from the same culture but just a different location.

Most people liked their culture I think this was because of the special occasions, food and language so a group of people could have something in common. Language is a main part of culture because only a person from the culture might be able to speak the language in a way language separates many cultures even if they belong to the same cultural group. Most people would not give up their culture for three million I concluded...