Does the Customer Loyalty Really Exists

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IntroductionIn the actual life, the market provides the all-around guarantee to the customers, but many customers still like a special brand or shop and do not select the other brands or shops, this phenomenon is easy to be found. In the customer behavior and marketing this phenomenon is called the customer loyalty generally. The enterprise often holds the idea that the way to keep brand loyalty for their customers is to make their own brand much powerful. It also believes that as long as the customer cognitive its brand, the customer will purchase its products. But the customers do not hold the same thought as the enterprise. With the development of the science and technology and the economics, there are many rich products in the world, it appears many new brands and products continuously (Harvard Business School, 2006). The customers have strong curiosity for the new products and the customers become more and more smart in the purchase process.

They often compare the new product with the product which they bought before. Once they discover that the new product is better than the old one, they will purchase the new one and give up the old one, but the enterprise does not know when and how the the change of the customer take place. There is the customer loyalty but there is no eternal customer loyalty. In order to provide help for the enterprise who wants to obtain profits, the enterprise begins to do some research on the customer behavior, it will pay attention to the business opportunities (Lowenstein, Michael W, 2005). The customer behavior is a complex category. It is not only the research object of the economics but also the research object of the other subjects. The customer behavior is an integrated process. It means...