"Does Darwin's Scientific Explanation of Humanity Give You Comfort or Cause you Concern? Why?"

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Darwin's theory is the greatest unanswered question in my life. On one hand, he takes a rational and intellectual approach toward explaining the origins of humanity by presenting scientific facts so elegantly simple and in accordance with so many of the day-to-day observations of modern genetics that indeed it does appear to be self evident, on the other hand, close examination of a whole raft of scientific data reveals the absence of virtually any empirical scientific evidence in support of the theory, either regarding the alleged spontaneous generation of life in first place, let alone the evolution of life forms from one species into another. Although deep down I don't really believe that man is descended from the apes, or that man climbed out of the slime of the sea in some prehistoric time, I prefer it to various religious explanations of origins of humanity that simply attribute it to God without any reasoning.

I believe that man was human to begin with, and that he emerged fully human the way that animals and other creatures emerged as what they were; that is why, I do not believe that there is or was a transformation from animal to human.

Darwin's theory takes advantage of the incredible ability of specie adaptation to a variety of forms, and presents this capability in argument that explains it as the cause of evolution. While no one doubts that Darwin's theory of natural selection (Survival of the Fittest) accounts for most of the changes within a species (a process known as "micro-evolution"), beyond that Darwin's theory of evolution absolutely breaks down. With recent discoveries in biochemistry, genetics and paleontology, no one not even neo-Darwinists are adhering to a traditional Darwinian model that shows all living organisms on earth today coming from a single life form...