Does Darwinism Refute Creationism

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Where did we come from? This age old question has developed into quite a controversy. Did we evolve over millions of years from tiny microscopic organisms explained through a precise theory of macroevolution, or is the Bible correct and G-d created us in the last 24 hours of his entire creation process? No one person knows the truth. Different theories have been presented and many seem like logical explanations to what could have happened. The two most plausible and well-known theories are that of Evolution and Creationism. Creationism, the belief of many religious cultures, is based upon the idea that the Bible is and should be taken literally in the aspect that G-d created all living things, including mankind, from nothing, in six days. The contrasting opinion is that of evolution. Evolution, defined in the Oxford Concise Science Dictionary, is the "... process by which the present diversity of plant and animal life arose from the earliest and most primitive organisms, which is believed to have been continuing for the past 3000 million years" (Oxford).

Both theories are widely known and many organizations have been founded with the intent of discovering the truth to humanity's origin.

The initial theory of Creationism has progressed into many different theories of creation. These theories are divided into 4 less specific theory categories in an essay presented by a student at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, "(1) six-day creationism, (2) progressive creationism, (3) theistic evolution and, (4) the gap theory." In the first theory, the Biblical text is taken literally when it proclaims the earth was created in six days. This theory is also called young-earth creationism because it would

mean that the earth has only existed for 6 thousand years. The theory of " recent creationism [six-day theory] relies on 'creation with...