Does George Washington deserve the title "Father of our country?"

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Does George Washington deserve the title "Father of our country?"

George Washington led America's Revolutionary Army, kept peace after the war was over, and was our first president. He first came to notice as a soldier serving in the French-Indian war. He was a modest man and a successful Virginia farmer when he was elected the commander of the Continental Army. He united the country at the end of the fighting and kept the country together through his presidency.

To the people of America Washington was the only person they could trust. When John Adams nominated Washington to command the Continental Army he united the Congress, and it made the South more willing to join the Revolution because a Northerner had chosen a Southerner to lead the army. As President Washington had the support of both Southerners and Northerners, merchants and farmers, soldiers and civilians. He was the only person who could be trusted in the new position and though he wasn't the greatest general the world had ever seen, he preserved and improved the army and kept alive it's chances of winning.

After the war was won, American could have thrown their victory away by fighting over the spoils of war. Many people thought that Washington would make himself king. Washington saw the importance of maintaining an attitude of strength to be able to mold the peace, though few of his country men did. Washington also felt strongly about using the new Constitution to shape the nation, and he honored it's principles without having any idea of how a President should act.

Washington became the father of this country when he commanded our armies and won the war. No one can imagine the Revolutionary War without Washington leading the way. England may have given up and gone home...