Does God exist?

Essay by Kat_da_freeeak July 2004

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The topic I've chosen to discuss is whether God exists. I am an Atheist. This is mainly because there has not yet been any scientific proof of God's existence and I think this is all mythical. In other words, I do not believe in God for the very same reasons that I do not believe in Santa Claus.

The belief of God began many millions of years ago, when he supposedly created the world. Throughout the centuries, I doubt that the true story of how he came about still remains the same. When God created humans, animals, water and land in just seven days, he didn't supply a pen and paper for people to jot down the method of his marvellous masterpiece. Even if he did, humans would have yet to figure out how to use them. Of course, this would have been an evolutionary process. The only source of evidence that may say God exists would be the bible.

And yet, I question, who exactly wrote that? There are rumours of Jesus's disciples producing this, but there is no proof Jesus existed either. The bible is purely just a regular book. It claims to be the word of God, but how can we be sure? There is nothing in the bible that suggests an authority figure over other books. If I was to write a book about how I'm a supernatural figure and I discovered aliens then I instructed people to prise my greatness in the discovery, would this give me authority to guide how people lead their lives? The answer is no, because it's obvious that this is all a why can't people make that connection with the bible? To me, it's just another fairy tale.

Some of the stories in the bible are just ludicrous.