Does The Government have the right to take away peoples basic rights.

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The Declaration of Independence was written to state the reasons why the colonists wanted independence. Jefferson wrote that all men are created equal with certain unalienable rights. The colonists were deprived of these basic unalienable rights by their tyrant government. To protect our rights, Jefferson and others organized a democratic government in which there was rule by the people. Thus, we have basic rights given to us by the government, but do the people have basic rights that should not be taken away from them by any government?

No, I do not believe that people have basic rights that should not be taken away from them by any government because any basic right that people have is given to them by the government in the best interest of the people. Thus, the right can be taken away by the government for the best interest of the majority population. Many of those basic rights include our safety such as airport screening and frisking.

The government wants baggage screening so many other lives can be saved from terrorism. That means that the government has to violate the privacy of individuals for their safety. Another basic right is privacy, such as the right that the government has to tap our phone lines, look at our e-mails, get calling lists of who we called lately, or any other sensitive information about us. The government has to do that so the people are safe. All governments should have the utmost right to take away any basic right for the safety of its citizens.

As citizens of the U.S. we have experienced times where we have been violated of our basic rights. The government should have that right to take away our basic rights as long as it is helping the country as a...