What does "infinite" mean?

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What does the word infinite mean? List and describe examples of things that are infinite. This question is not about concepts in religion or theology and do not include them in your essay.


According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word infinite means: extending indefinitely; endless; immeasurably great or extensive; inexhaustible; subject to no limitation or external determination. The few of many meanings of infinite that were listed describes a word that is undescribable. Infinity consists of so many things, while it is still hard to comprehend.

Obviously, numbers are infinite. Other things, once thought about, are also infinite. They can range from life that continues on and on with death and birth, birth and death. Human evolution is also part of the infinite crowd. Evolution is dated back to the billion of years, but the universe hasn't been proven to be only a few billion years old; it could be ageless.

Directions of space, space itself, information of a topic, and peoples' thoughts are just a list of few. There are just so many to list that the list would be infinite.

The complete mathematics is infinite because numbers have a starting point (zero) but have no ending point. Life is a cycle that repeats itself continuously. Space has not yet been fully discovered. And probably cannot be fully discovered not because of the vastness of it, but the infinite vastness of it. Peoples' thoughts are their own. It continues on and on while people think, and when they die, it continues in the remaining population. It is proven to be endless.