Does Islam Oppress Women?

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Muslim women are being targeted as being oppressed in the media because of the Hijaab and gender segregation. A clash of civilization is being made between Islam and the West. It is very important that we understand Islam and the honor that Allah has conferred upon Muslim women.

Muslim women are given the right to live. Before the advent of Islam women were either buried alive or looked upon as objects of lust but when Muhammad SAW came, he prohibited this. Many religions consider a woman to be soulless but in Islam a woman has a soul. The woman is indeed held in a very high esteem in the religion of Allah since the Prophet Muhammad SAW said that the most precious thing on earth is a virtuous woman. He (The Prophet SAW) also ordered the males to Fear Allah and to respect the women. When Allah says "O You who Believe", he is addressing both males and females.

In Islam men as well as women are created to worship Allah. If a Muslim sister says "Alhamdulillah", she will not be rewarded less than a Muslim brother who says "Alhamdulillah".

Muhammad SAW dignified the Muslim woman as a mother. Once a companion came to the Prophet SAW and asked Allah whom he must respect the most, Muhammad SAW said the mother thrice and then said the father. The obligation to wear the Hijaab (S24 V31) is another self-esteem that Allah the Almighty has given to the Muslim sisters. It is an Islamic identity to the woman. The Hijaab is a protective thing to females since they are less prone to be victims of rape. It is a way of judging a lady by what is in her head and not by the shape of her body.

Islam gave women rights...