Does Language Play Roles of Equal Importance in Different Areas of Knowledge?

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Throughout all areas of knowledge, language, a method of human communication that uses symbols to share ideas, emotions, and information, is utilized to express and communicate thoughts and feelings. It is an accepted form of communication that is essential to all areas of knowledge because it allows people to share their knowledge in any area. More importantly, language is important because without it, each area of knowledge could not be expressed or communicated all around the world. Therefore, since language is needed in order to acquire, and communicate knowledge, it plays a role of equal importance in different areas of knowledge such as in science, history, and in school learning experiences.

In order for knowledge to be passed on from one scientist to another, language plays a passive role in the communication of the scientific ideas. It is simply the means whereby meaning and information are conveyed from one speaker to another.

Language conveys scientific knowledge to others in a clear and economical way. It plays a significant role in the area of scientific knowledge because it makes it easier for scientist to communicate their ideas with others. For instance, a scientist just develops a new scientific idea and he wants to communicate it to other scientist. This is where the role of language comes into play because it will be needed for the scientist to share his idea to other scientist clearly, with its appropriate meaning or content. Therefore, since language is used as a tool to communicate effectively among scientists, it is used to communicate effectively among historians. Thus, language plays a role of equal importance in different areas of knowledge.

Next, for knowledge to be passed down throughout histories of discoveries, from generation to generations, the role of language is definitely necessary. This is because language is...