"Does Love Have a Reality?"

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I believe very strongly that love has a reality. It is the very essence of reality. The capacity to love is obtainable to every human being, and it is a vital thing because it lies deeply at the core of basic human need. Have you ever held a newborn child in your arms, or felt the touch of your loved one's hand in yours? Then you know that love has a reality. Pleasure, joy, hope, sadness--all qualities of love--can't be expressed adequately in words or through the use of our five senses. We cannot reach out and touch them, we cannot see or hear or smell or taste them, but to suggest that they are not real would be a mistake. Love is an emotion, but still it is rooted in our physical world.

There are various types of love and different people may attach an assortment of meanings to the word "love."

You love you parents and siblings differently from the way you love your friends, and you love your spouse and children in completely different ways from the way you love everyone else. Real love between two people is the highest form of human expression. I am not speaking merely of the chemical attraction that develops between two people and which seems to be the common definition of love in today's world. Sexual love is only one form of human expression, not the sum total. Being "in love" is different from loving since it involves a euphoric, cloud nine honeymoon type feeling that is rarely long lasting. If you have moved beyond being "in love" to a deeper, more meaningful relationship, you know that it is a deep friendship based on sacrifice, compromise, and unselfish commitment to another human being. Love necessitates a sincere and active interest in...