Does Marijuana have Medicinal Purposes

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Does Marijuana Have Medicinal Purposes

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Marijuana is an extremely illegal plant, which has recently shown to have increasing medicinal purposes. The use and selling of marijuana in most states will lead to some serious jail time, however now research is finding that by using marijuana there are lots of symptoms that are being alleviated. Some researchers say that there are not enough studies to prove that marijuana is safe enough for legalization; however, the research that has been done proves that there are no adverse side effects of marijuana.

There are currently sixteen states and Washington D.C. that have legalized marijuana for medicinal use. Those states allow marijuana to be prescribed for patients that have a variety of illnesses that marijuana has been proven to help with pain management. Although marijuana has not been legalized for personal use, it has been legalized in those states for medicinal use.

Research has found that the use of marijuana helps with pain management for cancer patients and a variety of other illnesses.

Research has been done involving more cases than most FDA approved drug studies about the helpful effects of marijuana use. It has been found that marijuana use helps with pain management in several different areas. Patients that suffer from spinal cord injury were helped with their pain management. Thirty-eight people underwent trials with low-dose and high-dose marijuana, thirty-two of those recipients finished the trials and were helped with their pain.

People that suffer from neuropathic pain were helped when given doses of marijuana. People with neuropathy and nerve issues of all kinds found that their pain was tolerable after smoking marijuana. Thirty percent of HIV patients that were put on a marijuana regiment found that by smoking the marijuana that they had a better pain tolerance. Patients with...