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What is success? Who is successful? How does someone become successful? These are all questions asked by the average person; these questions will be answered when applied to the five individuals, with the four principals of accomplishment. Each person will meet at least two of the four required criteria. These two criteria can be any of the four, as they are not fixed into any particular order. But please understand that any one person can exemplify more than two criteria. The four basic requirements for success are:

The individual must be able to set and accomplish goals

They must change the lives of people around them

They need to be smart (general knowledge)

They need to be knowledgeable about their profession

However, before going into detail about individuals who meet these standards, it is important to understand why these requirements are so important. First, an individual can't be successful without goals to be successful at.

Think about it. If there aren't any goals to accomplish, how can a person be successful at them? Second, an individual can't be successful if they don't change people's lives. To change is a person's life, is like writing their future; it can be positive or negative. There's no middle ground, it's either done for the right, or wrong reasons. Remember, what somebody else sees as the right reason, another person could see it as the wrong reason.

Remember however, out of the four requirements, the person needs to accomplish at least two of them. The next two traits are, although only slightly different, nonetheless important. The third quality is this: the candidate must be smart. In a time of crisis, it is important to be able to think quickly and clearly. If the individual can't do this, then the outcome of their actions could...