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"What does it mean to be an American?" The colorful explosion of fireworks on a dark cool night on the 4th of July is a sight I imagine every American should see. The National Anthem being sung by Carrie Underwood before the World Series at Wrigley field is a sound that every American should here. As an American there are so many sights and sounds that you should experience with the freedom you have in this country. With this freedom that America gives us, there are so many opportunities that we are also given to do, and as an American it's what we chose to do with that freedom and opportunities that defines us as an American. America gives us the tools that we need to succeed in life, it just matters what we do with those tools that makes us an American and different from everyone else. Although we have all this freedom there also is a roadblock in the road to happiness and freedom, and that roadblock is racism. Since America gives us so much freedom there has to be a bump in the road somewhere. Racism has lots of effects on everyone's life my mine personally. Personally, I get anti-­‐Semitism jokes thrown at me because I am Jewish. For example, I always get jokes about how Jews are 'cheap'. These kinds of jokes in America need to stop because racism is wrong and should not occur in American where you should be free. There will always be conflict in life, and most people deal with it differently. Unfortunately some people deal with it in a way that it harms other people. In the book, the Secret Life of Bees, near the beginning when Rosaline first gets sent to jail she gets beat up right...