What does it mean to be an Australian?

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What does it mean to be an Australian?Australia is home to 21 million Australians. They include Indigenous Australians who have dwelled here for thousands of years, the Anglo-Australians whose forefathers came on the first fleet a few centuries ago, and migrants from other countries who have just arrived recently. Being an Australian is very diverse, but all Australians share many similar issues and have common traits. The aspects Australians share include issues on the environment, issues on the economy, multiculturalism, issues on technological advancement and many more.

The environment is a very meaningful issue to all Australians. It affects pollution, climate change, and most importantly, the drought. The drought affects the Australian Agricultural industry dramatically as it relies heavily on the decreasing water supply. Many Australians are farmers, and they are suffering the effects of global warming. Australians must save every drop of water they can, and must endure strict water restrictions, especially during summer.

The environmental issues in Australia are very grave, and most Australians move as one to conquer these issues.

The economy of Australia is another important issue in our time. The financial status of Australia is rich and stable, and is the envy of many. However, there are still many Australians with financial problems. This is caused by the consistently rising cost of living - the rising petrol prices, rising interest rates and many more. This is forcing many Australians to live in poverty. They are forced to sell their houses and many are close to bankruptcy. Homelessness is not uncommon in Australia, and this issue is worsening at a rapid rate, affecting all Australians.

Australia is a multicultural country. There are many migrants living in Australia, and millions more dream of a home Down Under. Australians are continuing to accept these newly arrived migrants with...