"What Does It Mean To Be A Morally Responsible Teacher In A Social And Political Society"

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"WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A MORALLY RESPONSIBLETEACHER IN A SOCIAL AND POLITICAL DEMOCRACY?" Through my entire life I have always enjoyed History. While attending high school my interest for history grew dramatically after taking such classes like American and World History. As I studied history in high school I often times noticed that history would often times repeat itself. I thought this was very important, but as I went on through high school I noticed that many student's worst subject was history. I have made it my goal to become a history teacher, and to inform the students of our society about the importance of history in our life.

Being a morally responsible teacher in a social and political democracy means being aware of what is going on in the world at the time. It also means being able to see when a student is having trouble outside of class that is causing him/her to be unable to focus in class.

It is very important to know what is happening in the world and also knowing the students outside of class, but it is also important for a teacher to be able to tell the students their rights and not to bad mouth other teachers. Being a morally responsible teacher means being a teacher of life, not being person who comes to school everyday ignoring the students and not giving a care in the world of what is happening in their lives.

As a student of society and life I will also take what I have learned in my past and try to bring those experiences to my students. I will have try and understand the students before I teach them anything, so as a teacher I will also try to be involved as much as I can with the student body. As a history teacher I will give in-depth detail about every culture we study, instead of just going through centuries of history day by day. I will also give news on what is happening in the present society as a source of future history. I will always support the school with all I have to offer, and if I have a difference with school or one of the faculty members I will deal with them in a professional manner. A good example of that would not be talking behind their backs. Finally I will never forget why I am teaching, to help young adults to become educated with the world and themselves. You cannot do that with an aggressive or careless approach to teaching.

As a teacher I will try to involve all the students not just the smart or interested ones. This will take effort upon effect, and sometimes you will never get through to some students but you have to keep on trying. Another strategy of mine would be allowing the students to express themselves. For example, let all the students bring some of the customs, clothing, foods, etc., from their ancestry. Allowing all of the students to take part in the class in their own unique way will give them a sense of pride.